About Me

Why I Choose Photography

As a casualty investigator, my profession requires me to delve into pretty terrible things: injury, death, monetary loss, as well as fraud. Nature photography is my escape from all that. It is where I disconnect from the bustle of the city and re-connect with the serenity, peace, and purpose of our natural world. I am fascinated by exploring any kind of natural terrain, as each ecosystem offers its own treasures … if you look for them. Nature is my Zen and I love photographing it in every form.

Nothing pleases me more than capturing the many aspects of wild beauty to-camera and sharing my findings with my family and friends on Facebook, Flickr, and The Nature Photographer Club. Because of the many requests I have received over the years, I have decided to begin turning my passion for nature photography into a profession, and this developing website is my effort in that regard. (Please bear with me, as it is under construction 🙂 )

Thank you for visiting,

John A. (‘Jack’) Koerner II