About Me

Why I Choose Photography

As a casualty investigator, my profession requires me to delve into pretty terrible things: injury, death, monetary loss, as well as fraud. Nature photography is my escape from all that. It is where I disconnect from the bustle of the city and re-connect with the serenity, peace, and purpose of our natural world. I am constantly yearning to explore in areas where there are no cars and no sounds (other than the lovely cadence of birdsong and the winds), where Nature prevails. Nature is my Zen and I love photographing it in every form.

Nothing pleases me more than capturing the many aspects of wild beauty to-camera and sharing my findings with my family and friends on Facebook, Flickr and The Nature Photographer Club. Because of the many requests I have received over the years, I have decided to begin turning my passion for nature photography into a profession, and this developing website is my effort in that regard.

So thank you for visiting,

John A. Koerner II